Lodge Awards

Achpateuny Lodge was awarded the 2019 OA Innovation Award!

Our Lodge has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 OA Innovation Award! This is one of only three National level Lodge Awards that are given out each year! We earned this award mainly due to the dedication shown by fundraising for, and executing, quality OA Ceremonies in hard to reach areas of our Council through the OA Expansion and Ceremonies Team Set Legacy Fundraiser. Youth from throughout our Council traveled to induct and train new Arrowmen so that the OA can thrive in remote places. The names of all youth and adult Arrowmen who led, created, fundraised, administered, traveled and in any way supported these efforts are too numerous to list and I would not want to leave anyone off the list, so, please accept a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to all Achpateuny Lodge members who supported this historic effort.