Chief's Servant Leader Award

The Achpateuny Lodge Chief's Servant Leader Award was designed to recognize those Arrowmen who go above and beyond in their elected or appointed positions. The requirements are specifically designed to keep the members of the Lodge Executive Committee engaged and committed throughout the year in service to their Lodge. The requirements are lengthy and are driven by the Order of the Arrow Performance Measurement Program.

The prestigious award consists of a Lodge Flap and a signed letter from the Lodge Chief and Lodge Adviser. It is one of the rarest Lodge Flaps of our Lodge, with very few having received it since inception in 2020. At no time may the amount of adult recipients outnumber the amount of youth recipients.

Recipients of the Achpateuny Lodge Chief’s Servant Leader Award

April 2021

Vincent Lazatin - Shaonaxan Chapter Chief 2020-2021

Anastasia Frank - Choeson Clan Chief 2020-2021

Skyler McGregor - Amangi Wachtschu Chapter Chief 2020-2021

Mr. Justin Wentworth IV - Associate Lodge Adviser

Mr. Nick Pollacia - Associate Lodge Adviser

Mr. Edgar LaBenne - Vigil Selection Committee Adviser

December 2021

Charles Leroux - Lodge Secretary 2021-2022